About Us

Osmolyte Baby Spa offers a unique experience that is exclusively for babies from 1 month to 24 months old in a safe and clean environment. Services included; hydrotherapy, massage, haircut, nail cut, and health monitor.

At Osmolyte Baby Spa, we understand that it’s hard to be a brand-new person. Discovering the world can be a whole adventure for a baby. Therefore, we believe that every baby deserves to relax.

We are a wellness center that provides health benefits to improve your baby’s immune system, health, and growth. On top of that, it is social, fun, exciting, and a nurturing environment that will make your baby feel happy, safe, and calm while enjoying our services.

A typical Baby Spa session lasts about an hour which includes two main components:

  • Hydrotherapy and neonatal massage performed by a Register Massage Therapist.
  • Hydrotherapy might last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes which consists of casual floating in purified water that is warmed to a precise 35.6 c (34 to 37 degree Celsius) for optimum baby comfort.

Babies wear a special flotation device that safely supports the head above water. Not only are these mini-baths insanely adorable, they’re relaxing for little ones and help prepare them for swimming lessons.

Please note that usually Babies love floating the very first time, some of them may take a time or two to become adjusted just like swim lessons. So, we recommend two visits a week for babies under 3 months old to help with newborn colic, and one visit a week for from 3 months-18 months old to build strength.

For the neonatal massage, our Register Massage Therapist apply specific touch and massage techniques to maximize growth, sleep, and stress relief. We know how to listen to babies and observe their body language as we massage to ensure the best care and comfort.

As your baby transitions from life in the womb to the outside world, positive touch through massage can help them to feel loved, respected and secure. It can also help with initial communication and understanding between child and parent as baby develops their first language: touch.

Therefore, we offer neonatal massage classes in group and in a private setting for interested parents.

We use luxurious baby oil that provides a sensation of warmth, well-being and promotes supple skin. It an award winning certified natural and organic and unscented oil for massage which is easily absorbed by and moisturizes the baby’s skin.