Baby Haircut

About Baby Hair Cut

Shaving baby’s birth hair is a symbolic act that has been there for decades. After shaving, the hair is stored for protection and good luck or some religious customs. We bundle the hair in a red packet to keep it safe. You can also keep it under your baby’s pillow for them to sleep well.

We have been providing exclusive Baby First Haircut Home Visit service for certain period in India. Our professional staff will visit your home on time to provide the very best first haircut service for your baby!

To book an appointment:
1. Call ********* at least 1 week ahead of your desired date and time for Haircut Home Visit.
2. Call your preferred BabySPA branch to book your Baby Massage at least 1 week in advance.



Promo includes Baby’s First Haircut Certificate
Usual Price: **.00 for Soft Copy / **.00 for Hard Copy

Follow these steps to get the Certificate:
1. Take a clear photo of your baby during or after our haircut appointment.
2. Email your baby’s photo together with the following information to        

    a. Baby’s Name
    b. Date of Haircut Appointment
    c. Your home address for posting
    d. Your phone number for follow up

Once your baby’s Certificate is processed, you will get an email notification from us. We usually take 3 to 5 business days to process your baby’s Certificate and roughly 2 to 3 business days for regular Indian Postage to deliver it to your address.