Interaction in Infant Massage May Include
  • Promotion of bonding and secure attachment
  • Verbal/non-verbal communication
  • Development of trust and confidence
  • Using all the senses Feelings of love, respect, and being valued
Each Massage May Stimulate:
  • Circulatory and digestive systems
  • Hormonal and immune systems
  • Coordination and balance Learning and concentration
  • Muscular development and growth
  • Mind and body awareness
Parents May Find that Infant Massage Helps Relieve:
  • Gas and colic
  • Constipation and elimination
  • Growing pains and muscular tension
  • Teething discomfort
  • Cramps

The Massage Promotes Relaxation which May be Shown Through:

  • Improved sleep patterns by reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation
  • Increased flexibility and muscle tone
  • Regulation of behavioral states
  • Being calm and being able to calm themselves
  • Reduction in stress hormones
  • Calms a fretful child
  • Recover from distress more quickly and are more settled.