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1.Promote the development of bone and muscle coordination.
Human bodies in water are effortlessly buoyant, but meet some resistance during movement. By swimming and kicking in the water, a baby learns to control his or her muscles. This in turn improves physical coordination and balance, while developing the muscular and skeletal systems. With regular swimming, the baby grows stronger.

2.  Strengthen the respiratory and circulatory systems.

Any exertion of energy boosts one’s heart rate and creates a demand for more oxygen in the blood. While your baby plays in the water, the increased exertion from kicking and moving around strengthens his or her heart and builds lung capacity.

3.  Builds the immune system.

All the splashing and kicking around drives your baby’s core temperature higher and pumps blood throughout the body faster. This boosts the immune system. Not only are white blood cells, the body’s defense mechanisms, able to find germs faster, but the slightly warmer temperature could kill some weaker bacteria before they have a chance to attack. This could result in less colds and less allergies. Additionally, the buoyant feeling from floating is proven to be a great stress-reducer, which helps keep stress hormones balanced.

4.  Stimulate brain development.

When your baby moves around, the increased heart rate and breathing brings more oxygen to the brain. Released hormones make their way to the brain as well, all helping to nourish brain cells and build new neuron connections. Your baby will better respond to stimuli and possibly learn more things quickly.

5.  Increase appetite and digestion.

All that moving around can make anyone hungry, especially your baby. After eating wholesome, nutritious food your baby’s digestive system will more readily absorb the valuable nutrients, thanks to increased secretion of digestive hormones.

6.  Regulate sleep.

Swimming, like many physical activities, uses plenty of pent up energy. Your baby will be worn out even after a short swimming session, allowing him or her to fall asleep soundly. You’ll notice with regular swimming your baby will sleep deeper through the night. A regular sleep cycle is cause for celebration for parents and babies alike.

7.  Promote sensory recognition.

Babies are in the stage of exploration. They still are discovering the world and what their bodies can do. Floating in a body of water adds another dimension to that exploration, not only in their muscle movements, but by stimulating most of the senses. They can touch the wet water versus the dry air, smell bubbles in the tub or chorine in a pool, see their toys, and hear their splashing. Every floating session is another opportunity to explore!

8.  Allow for parent-child bonding.

Spending time swimming together naturally creates a bond between parents and children. The emotional attachment remains intact even as children gain more confidence. Swimming infants will find themselves capable of being without a parent’s support, which is important to deter separation anxiety as children grow older.

Baby Massage

Studies have shown that babies who are frequently touched and stroked lovingly, tend to grow faster, recover from illness more quickly, sleep better, experience less constipation and fewer digestive problems.
Baby massage is a longstanding tradition in many cultures, including Indian, Chinese African and Swiss.  Baby Spa combines techniques from Western and Indian massage techniques to give your baby a tailored massage experience
Please see benefits of baby massage below.

Interaction in Infant Massage May Include*:
•Promotion of bonding and secure attachment
•Verbal/non-verbal communication
•Development of trust and confidence
•Using all the senses
•Feelings of love, respect, and being valued
Each Massage May Stimulate:
•Circulatory and digestive systems
•Hormonal and immune systems
•Coordination and balance
•Learning and concentration
•Muscular development and growth
•Mind and body awareness
Parents May Find that Infant Massage Helps Relieve:
•Gas and colic
•Constipation and elimination
•Growing pains and muscular tension
•Teething discomfort

The Massage Promotes Relaxation which May be Shown Through:
•Improved sleep patterns by reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.
•Increased flexibility and muscle tone
•Regulation of behavioral states
•Being calm and being able to calm themselves
•Reduction in stress hormones
•Calms a fretful child
•Recover from distress more quickly and are more settled.
Who should attend:
Parent with baby aged 0-24 months old.You need not to be trained to be able to massage your baby. Our physiotherapist will do everything for you. Of course, we strongly encourage you to participate and learn how to massage when our therapist is conducting massage for your baby so that you can also massage your baby daily.
* Benefits quoted from International Association of Infant Massage

Infant Massage Training to Parents

Did you know infant massage has positive effect on the mood state of mother? Mothers, who massage their infants have more pleasure playing with their babies and also feel more closer to them. Baby massage is gentle, rhythmic stroking of your baby’s body with your hands. Your hands are the best to give strokes for your baby. For the baby, connection with their mother is very unique, they feel most comfortable by mother’s touch. You make plenty of eye contact while massaging your baby. This helps the mums to deal with postnatal depression and build a stronger bond with babies Massaging your baby is a beautiful experience in itself. When you lay your hands on your baby’s tender body, you will have a feeling of pure love and affection. There is no substitute to this feeling, but it is very important to know if you are doing it right. Did you know are little ones go under a lot of stress along with irritation and pain when they face tummy troubles and teething pain. During this time there are most comfortable physiologically and physically when massage and stroked by the mothers. Babies have tender body and it is very crucial to understand their body and mood before we lay our hands on them. Here at Osmolyte we help the mothers to understand each aspect of Baby massage like:

  1. What is the best time to massage my baby?
  2. What do I need before I start a message?
  3. How should I massage my baby?
  4. Do’s and don’ts

Nail Care

Newborn fingernails and toenails are most often soft and flexible. However, if they are ragged or too long, they can hurt the baby or others. It is important to keep your baby’s nails clean and trimmed. Newborns do not yet have control of their movements. They may scratch or claw at their face.

The chances of your baby’s nails developing fungi and other infections are reduced due to proper trimming of nails at proper time.

Baby’s nails grow quickly, so you may have to cut the fingernails at least once a week.  Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of the damage they are doing to their baby’s nails by not trimming them the right way. Our Nail care services are given with not only luxurious care, they are extremely hygienic and safe. We provides a level of cleanliness you will not find in many other babyspa. We’ll leave your baby feeling elegant and pampered.

We at osmolyte provide hygienic nail care services.

Kids Yoga

Why Yoga for kids?
Introducing Yoga at early stage helps your children to establish healthy habits. None of us are ignorant about well-known benefits of Yoga for adults. Similarly, Yoga for children has lot of benefits and positive results on a child’s growth.
Following are the numerous benefits of Yoga for kids as claimed by several studies:

1.Yoga enhances children’s strength, coordination and flexibility
2.Encourages body awareness and self esteem
3.Reduces anxiety & stress and promotes a sense of calmness
4.Practising Yoga for longer period will result in improved
7.Academic Performance
Why should I register my child for Yoga?

Yoga helps our little ones to counter the stress they experience in this hurry up world. Sometimes because of our busy life we are ignorant about the stress our child under goes due to school pressures, incessant lessons and competitive sports. Yoga is the best gift from you to your child which will not only help your little ones to handle any kind of stress in a calm and composed manner but also prepare him for future.

Why Osmolyte?

Osmolyte is specialised in health and wellness services for kids. To train a kid it is not only important to build a relationship or connection with them but also be part of their life. We at Osmolyte strongly believe in connecting with the kids and influencing their life positively. Yoga trainer at Osmolyte has years of experience in handling kids whilst building relationship and connection with each of them. She is popularly addressed as Miss Yoga by most of her kids.

Yoga training for kids is not same as training for adults. Instructing them to think harder or doing it better or in a certain way is not the most optimal way. It is very important to create an environment for them to uncover their strengths and engage their minds to deepen the awareness. We have all the expertise in our inventory which will not only make Yoga fun for kids but also make it more imaginary and fascinating. 

Hair Cut

Shaving baby’s birth hair is a symbolic act that has been there for decades. After shaving, the hair is stored for protection and good luck or some religious customs. We bundle the hair in a red packet to keep it safe. You can also keep it under your baby’s pillow for them to sleep well.

We have been providing exclusive Baby First Haircut Home Visit service for certain period in India. Our professional staff will visit your home on time to provide the very best first haircut service for your baby!

To book an appointment:
1. Call ********* at least 1 week ahead of your desired date and time for Haircut Home Visit.
2. Call your preferred BabySPA branch to book your Baby Massage at least 1 week in advance.

Promo includes Baby’s First Haircut Certificate
Usual Price: **.00 for Soft Copy / **.00 for Hard Copy

Follow these steps to get the Certificate:
1. Take a clear photo of your baby during or after our haircut appointment.
2. Email your baby’s photo together with the following information to

  1. Baby’s Name
    b. Date of Haircut Appointment
    c. Your home address for posting
    d. Your phone number for follow upOnce your baby’s Certificate is processed, you will get an email notification from us. We usually take 3 to 5 business days to process your baby’s Certificate and roughly 2 to 3 business days for regular Indian Postage to deliver it to your address.
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