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About Osmolyte

Osmolyte – a safe, relaxed environment where your baby can develop and be well prepared for a lifetime of adventures. The first few weeks and months you spend with your baby are an exciting and exhausting time. Every day is filled with new sensory experiences.

As babies get to know their parents and the world around them, the Osmolyte is a place where they can be calmed, grow in confidence and build on critical skills and abilities.

We provide innovative and effective services to strengthen and stimulate the physical growth and mental development of young children in our care.


Reverse Osmosis Water

Our pools are filled with filtered water and maintained at 34 to 37 degrees Celsius, similar to the temperature of the human body.

Air Quality​

Winner of two national indoor air quality technology awards.

Hand Sanitizing

We ask that everyone utilize our automatic hand sanitizer after entering the facility.

Quality of Towels & Swim Diapers​

Our luxurious handmade Bohemian Bamboo towels are both anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. 

Laundered Towels

Absolute cleanliness is our goal. After swimming, your baby will be wrapped in a soft warm towel.

Large Spa Pool

Babies under 8 weeks swim in individual neonate pods of purified micron filtered water until they receive their first set of immunisations.

Calm and Soothe Music​

The music is chosen to calm and soothe you and your baby


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